DVR Without Subscription – The Best of All Worlds

Our modern world has been filled with all kinds of amazing innovations in the tech world. Seemingly every single day something new and groundbreaking is released, to the point where we are almost numb to the miniature miracles that are reshaping the way we live our lives forever. And while some people might point to other areas of the tech industry as more important, one of the tools that has most dramatically impacted our lives would have to be the … Read More

Roku 3 Streaming Player Review

Media streaming has been emerging in popularity in recent years all around the globe.  Even though this trend originated on the Internet through computers, it has expanded and evolved over time to encompass a wide range of other devices as well.  The Roku 3 Streaming Player is just one of those examples, but has proven to be one of the very best models within its competitive price range.  There are several key features and benefits that allow this particular model … Read More

TiVo vs DVR – The Epic Battle

When it comes to our free time and enjoying the a bit of a break from the craziness of our daily schedules, you would be hard pressed to find anyone that didn’t like to watch a little TV. And while this has been true since the first sets hit homes 60+ years ago, we are really in the golden age of programming right now. Amazing shows are all over the place, and with literally hundreds of different channels to choose … Read More

DVR DVD Recorder – The perfect Combination

One of the biggest advances in TV technology is a the pretty recent development of the DVR system. Giving us complete and total control over our TV viewing – we can decide what to record, when to play it back, and what parts to skip – DVRs have become almost commonplace in any home with a TV. The nex big thing is the DVR DVD recorder . There is a bit of a downside to having a DVR in your … Read More

Digital Video Recorder Reviews

TV is just not the same as it used to be – and that’s incredible news for anybody that loves it. We are entering a truly golden age of just amazing programming, from HD sports to the most riveting new shows and in-depth storytelling every shown on the small screen, people all over the world are getting to enjoy TV at its best. And with so many different options on the market for recording shows it would be hard not … Read More